With the CultureShock program, acknowledging excellence and providing rewards becomes more convenient and impactful.

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An effective reward and recognition program generates impactful and unforgettable experiences for your team members. CultureShock program provides carefully crafted reward and recognition tools to deliver an exceptional experience that adds to your company culture.

Meaningful Rewards
All in One Place

Discover the thrill of an all-encompassing reward marketplace that provides an extensive selection of options, including highly sought-after Amazon rewards, hundreds of E-gift cart options, and industry-leading swag.

Enrich company culture with diverse award choices, empowering team members to align rewards with their preferences and passions, fostering engagement and satisfaction.

Build a Culture of Recognition

Adopt a wide range of initiatives and strategies to recognize and appreciate the significant contributions made by employees, all with the goal of cultivating a culture that highly values recognition and appreciation.


Ensure that even the most understated efforts receive recognition and appreciation. Create and oversee an impactful recognition program.

Rewards & Incentives

Inspire excellence and achievement with meaningful rewards. Create a flexible incentive program that motivates individuals through enticing rewards.

Automated Gifting

Celebrate milestones and achievements. Deliver meaningful rewards to your people through a variety of selections from popular marketplaces.

Feedback & communication

Strengthen your organization through effective feedback and communication. Create a culture of open dialogue, collaboration, and growth.

Magic of Swag Drop

With our unique and custom Swag Drop app, build anticipation and generate buzz through specifically timed “Swag drops”. This is the magic of a Swag Drop-an extraordinary phenomenon that creates an unforgettable impact. 

At CultureShock Program, we have perfected the art of crafting these captivating moments. Whether you’re organizing an event or running a marketing campaign, our meticulously designed Swag Drop services are tailored to captivate your audience and leave an enduring impression.

  • Special Events
  • Limited Editions
  • Timing of Drops
  • Interactive Experience

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