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Small Business Plan

Customized for small businesses, whether they are emerging or well-established, that place employees at the heart of their operations.

Starting at


/ year

Under 250 employees

  • Automated Special Occasion Rewards
  • Digital Gift Card Rewards
  • Peer-to-peer Recognition Feed and credits
  • SCIM & SSO Integration
  • Swag Drop App
  • Knowledge Hub and Resources

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Crafted to address the specific requirements of enterprises that prioritize both their employees and the practice of recognizing their contributions.

Above 250 to unlimited employees

  • Includes all Small Business Plan
  • Access to Branded Merchandise
  • Swag Store Access
  • Support Ticket handling
  • iOS and Android Mobile App
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Amazon Business Prime Integration
Employee Engagement and rewardsSmall Business Plan
Under 250 employees
Unlimited employees
Access to Branded Merchandise
Employee Credit Programs
Swag Drops
Digital Gift Card Rewards
Automated Special Occasion Rewards
Direct Employee Appreciation
Swag Store Access
Payroll Deduct Credit

Productivity and Recognition
Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)
Swag Drop App
Employee Swag Incentives
Recognition Tools
Swag Store Customization

Efficient Procurement
Amazon Business Prime Integration

Support and Resources
Support Tickets handled by CultureShock
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Integration Support
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